Using vehicle graphics to advertise your business

With vehicles used extensively for sales, service or deliveries, vehicle wraps are an effective and memorable way to promote your business or brand over a large geographical area.

Attention Grabbing

Brightly coloured, visually appealing wraps can make your company vehicles stand out on the road. White or plain vans go relatively un-noticed on our roads, but drivers and pedestrians will notice and remember a well-designed vehicle wrap.

Reach A Wider Audience

Depending on the number of vehicles in your fleet, and the distances they cover, your brand message has the potential to reach a huge number of people each day. By utilising the space on your vehicle a good vehicle wrap can often reach a larger audience than almost any other form of advertising. Many businesses gain as much business through their vehicles as through their websites.

Non-Aggressive Advertising

Unlike, for example, radio adverts, vehicle wraps are less intrusive into peoples time, and as a result are often more accepted in daily life. With a less ‘in your face’ approach customers will respond well to this approach without feeling negative to the brand message or your business.

Get Mobile

Why wait for customers to find you? Vehicle wraps get your business or brand message mobile, meaning more exposure in less time. The lead possibilities from mobile exposure are almost endless.

Cost Effective

Unlike billboards or press advertisements that have consistent reoccurring costs, you can change your vehicle wrap as often or as little as you like, for less money. An initial investment for a fraction of the cost of other long term advertising campaigns will continue to generate results for years.

Local Advertising

For many businesses the local market is key to success. By its very nature, vehicle wrap advertising can be extremely targeted to the individuals that live or work in your area. Local marketing produces outstanding results because, like us, many business like to deal with other local businesses.


In addition to the visual appeal, vinyl vehicle wraps also offer extra protection for your vehicle against scratches and small dents. When the time comes to sell or exchange your vehicle, our skilled team can also remove our graphics without any damage to the original paintwork and trim.

“We can design, print and apply bespoke, vibrant graphics to your vehicle. We offer an ISO accredited service that will guarantee stunning results that will speak for themselves.”

Every project is bespoke and we will tailor the graphics and the cost to suit your business and your budget. We can cater for all vehicles no matter how big or small, from small graphics to apply to a car to a full wrap for a bus.
If you’re interested in vehicle graphics or a wrap, why not contact a member of our team?
We can arrange for you to come to the office or for us to come to you, where we can discuss your brief and complete a full survey of your vehicle to begin the project, including taking a specification and measurements, free of charge!